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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the best logo file to use?

A: Vector file (.EPS), Adobe illustrator (.ai), JPEG (.jpeg), PDF (.pdf), and others. 

Q: How long for Shipping? 
A: Domestic: 2-4 weeks, International: 4-6 weeks, sometimes less or more depending on order size and complexity.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: We ship out of Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Q: What’s your 100 day Quality Guarantee?

A: Shop with confidence with our JM-100 Day Quality Guarantee. When it comes to quality, if you’re not happy, neither are we. Our promise is that you will receive exactly what you’re promised, a quality product built to last decorated as agreed. If it’s anything but, we’ll replace the order, or your money back (tax-in). That’s right, dollar for dollar. Our Money is where our mouth is, because we are as confident in our product as we want you to be in our company. Shop with ease and certainty with JM Global Company.